McLuhan’s Faith & Works Conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Agenda



10:00 AM Gather in Hanley Hall, St. Paul’s College (SPC)

10:30 AM Greetings and welcome by conference organizers Howard R. Engel, Director, MMI at St. Paul’s College, Winnipeg, Manitoba & Dr. Read Mercer Schuchardt, Senior Director, IISTC & Associate Professor of Communication, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois. Hanley Hall

10:50 AM Proceed to Mass in Christ the King Chapel

11:00 AM Mass in Christ the King Chapel (open to the public, regularly held by the St. Paul’s College Campus Ministry)

12:00 PM Official opening and welcome by Dr. Moti Shojania, Dean of Studies St. Paul’s College. Hanley Hall

12:15 PM Brunch catered by Katy Louridas, et al. Belltower Café, Hanley Hall (Grace offered by Howard R. Engel, Director, MMI. Music by Esther G. Juce on the bandura)

1:00 PM Keynote address by Dr. Eric McLuhan, Director, Media Studies, The Harris Institute for the Arts, Toronto, Ontario: “Sensus Communis and
Synesthesia” Hanley Hall

2:00 PM Presentation of the 2015 Medium and Light Award by
Howard R. Engel, Director, the Marshall McLuhan Initiative at St. Paul’s College,U. of M. Hanley Hall

2:15 PM Ruthanne Wrobel, Independent Scholar & First Associate of MMI,
Toronto: “Tales with Teeth, Re/Versing Daniel’s Den with Marshall McLuhan” Hanley Hall

2:45 PM Read Mercer Schuchardt, Associate Professor of Communication,
Wheaton College & Senior Director, IISTC: “Hiding In Plain Sight: How
McLuhan’s Vocation Informed His Vocation, and Vice-Versa” Hanley Hall

3:15 PM Rev. A. Leo Reilly, CSB, PhD, Toronto: “Marshall McLuhan as a Realist Philosopher” Hanley Hall

3:45 PM Refreshment break and then move to Room 318, SPC

4:00 PM Thomas J. Farrell, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Writing Studies,
University of Minnesota, Duluth, Minnesota [in absentia]: “Contextualizing
Marshall McLuhan” Room 318

4:30 PM Denis Hlynka, Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg: “McLuhan at the University of Manitoba” Room 318

5:00 PM Andrew Chrystall, Senior Lecturer, School of Communication,
Journalism & Marketing, Massey University, New Zealand: “McLuhan: Serious Artist, Con-man, and Christian” Room 318

5:30 PM Eric Brende, Independent Scholar, St. Louis, Missouri: “McLuhan, the Maelstrom, and Modern Meteorology” Room 318

6:00 PM Jonathan Slater, Associate Professor, Dept. Of Journalism and Public Relations, State University of New York, Plattsburgh: “The Two Solitudes of Marshall McLuhan” Room 318

6:30 PM Supper on your own (Pizza by Ian Park, Daily Bread Café, Quiet Room in St. John’s College, right next door to SPC. Reccommended donation: $10 CAD)

7:45 PM Public Panel for Finding McLuhan: the Mind / the Man / the Message launched Fri. Oct. 16/15 @ McNally Robinson: Jacqueline McLeod-Rogers, University of Winnipeg, et al. Jensen Theatre, SPC

8:45 PM Debut Live Acoustic Preview of the new album, WayWord by Garrett Soucy, musician, Liberty, Maine. Jensen Theatre


8:30 AM Gather at Hanley Hall, SPC

9:00 AM Brantly Millegan, Executive Director, IISTC, Wheaton, Illinois:
“McLuhan, the Microphone, and Vatican II” Hanley Hall

9:30 AM William Jefferson, Message Maker, Turners, Missouri: “Marshall McLuhan on the Isle of Estillyen” Hanley Hall

10:00 AM Michael Giobbe, Independent Scholar, Boston, Massachusetts: “The Structure of Theological Revolutions” Hanley Hall

10:30 AM Danny Hindman, Student, Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri: “Why We Do What We Do: McLuhan, Liturgy, and a Way Forward for Protestant Worship” Hanley Hall

11:00 AM Jonas Cornelsen, Student, Canadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg: “McLuhan Today: Social and Spiritual Investigations” Hanley Hall

11:30 AM Paul Vermeesch, Student, Wheaton College, Illinois: “Probe:
McLuhan’s Acoustics, or McLuhan as Messianic Jew” Hanley Hall

12:00 PM lunch on your own (proceed to reserved tables at
Belltower Café, SPC)

1:30 PM Gather back in Hanley Hall for book signing session & informal

2:15 PM Geri E. Forsberg, Instructor, Department of English, Western Washington University: “The Significance of McLuhan’s Faith to 21st Century Media Scholars” Hanley Hall

2:45 PM Dennis Cali, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Communication, The University of Texas at Tyler [in absentia]: “Hypothesis on a McLuhan Sacramental View of Life” Room 318

3:00 PM Richard Altman, Independent videographer, Winnipeg, video clip:
“Infallible InnovationZ” Room 318

3:30 PM David Balzer, Assistant Professor of Communications, Canadian
Mennonite University, Winnipeg: “When was the last time you said, ‘Oh my
God!’?” Room 318

4:00 PM Christian Roy, Independent Scholar, Montreal [in absentia]:
“Marshall McLuhan and Eastern Christianity, Probing an Interfaith Interface” Room 318

4:30 PM Move to Archives and Special Collections, Elizabeth Dafoe Library

5:00 PM Closing Keynote address by Andrew McLuhan: “The Working Library of Marshall McLuhan” Dafoe Library

6:00 PM Highlights from display of Winnipeg and Manitoba-related McLuhan artifacts, curated by Howard R. Engel, Director, MMI. Dafoe Library

6:30 PM Closing remarks, evaluations & thanks: Dr. Read Mercer Schuchardt and Howard R. Engel, Conference Co-Chairs. Dafoe Library

7:00 PM Supper on your own (proceed to reserved tables at Daily Bread Café, Quiet Room in St. John’s College, right next door to SPC)

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2 Responses to “McLuhan’s Faith & Works Conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba: Agenda”

  1. 1 George S. Osicki

    The McLuhan’s Faith & Works Conference in Oct 2015 Winnipeg is a phenomenally important meeting regarding the newest insights into what it is to communicate in today’s globe, both more effectively and as a human being who wishes to share in mutual understandings.
    I was only able to attend a smaller part of this conference and I was, to say the least, highly impressed with the individual presentations that I was fortunate enough to hear. Each presentation around the same themes was as important as unique for its huge potential of understandings that we need to function through as we daily change our interconnected world.
    This conference and the material covered and the individuals involved all make this into a continuing view into the many questions we have in terms of communicating with the opportunities being presented for considerations to questions we never even thought of asking.

    • Dear George,

      I liked and respected your late Brother, Richard Osicki. who founded the Marshall McLuhan Initiative at St. Paul’s College, University of Manitoba. His too early passing left a gap in McLuhan Studies, as well as in the lives of his friends and family. I will post a note on this blog later this week to recognize his being awarded the fifth annual Medium and Light Award posthumously. I was glad to see you and the rest of his family at the conference to receive the award on his behalf. I heard your comments afterwards and I’m sorry I did not have a chance to talk to you while you were there. Regards…Alex Kuskis

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