McLuhan Program Fall 2015 Launch Meeting, The Coach House, University of Toronto


Robert Lansdale Collection, U of T Archive

The McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology at the Coach House Institute, Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto, announced its Fall 2015 program of Monday Night seminars, workshops, a New Explorations Group, and special events last night at the McLuhan Coach House at the University of Toronto. It will enable students, media practitioners, artists and other interested parties to engage with some of the brightest minds and practitioners exploring the quickly changing and confounding world around us.

Members of the McLuhan family were in attendance, Michael McLuhan, his son Arthur and daughter Gwendolyn, Eric McLuhan and son Andrew, as well as the McLuhan Centenary Fellows for 2015/2016. Finally, in partnership with the University of St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto, the occasion also celebrated the 52nd Anniversary of the opening of the University of Toronto’s Centre for Culture & Technology (founded on October 24, 1963 by Marshall McLuhan), and new signage for the McLuhan Centre was officially unveiled (see photo below).

There are four series of events scheduled as follows:-

  • Monday Night Seminars: First is a Monday Night series called “City as Classroom” with two related themes. Some of the seminars focus on the city itself, looking for metaphoric meanings of our urban homes and communities in a “classroom without walls” that informs fulfillment and survival in the larger global village. Others seminars engage participants in “ideas without walls” in the context of a “safe house for unsafe ideas”, to explore “what matters most now” about the human, about our cultures, our beliefs and our survival in an increasingly technologized and robotized age. Well known intellectuals, practitioners and raconteurs as well as city planners, academics, artists, business people, scientists, musicians and media figures will be participants, in the very Coach House where Marshall McLuhan n fired our creative imagination.
  • Workshops: Second, a series of workshops will be conducted by the 2015/2016 crop of McLuhan Centenary Fellows. These fellows have been chosen for their leadership in thought and enterprise of significance to the current and future prospects of the Coach House Institute, the university, the city, our country and the larger international network. Each fellow will engage iSchool students and students of the St Michael’s College Book and Media Studies in a collaborative exploration of the research and exciting projects the fellows bring with them. These workshops will be open to all interested within and outside the university. The workshops include: Museum Without Walls (Paolo Granata, Nov.4), The Case of Surplus Music (Sandy Pearlman, Nov. 11), Marshalling Media (David Nostbakken, Nov. 18), What’s on your mind? (or, making the most of a situation) (Dec. 2, John Osweld).
  • Third, a series of activities called “The New Explorations Group” are being staged by graduate students of the iSchool as an “instajammable” experiencement in how to be human in the C21st. Sessions include: Karaoke Hell & Finding a/your Voice to Yell (Oct. 28), Modes of Consciousness & Training in Sensibility (Nov. 11), Improv Improv (Dec. 2).
  • And finally a special event series aims to engage a growing community of intersect in casting a froward vision from the prescient legacy of Marshall McLuhan. Events include: 52nd Anniversary of the Opening of the McLuhan Centre for Culture & Technology  (Oct. 20), Screening “McLuhan’s Wake” (Nov. 25), McLuhan “Then Now Next” Round Table (Dec. 9), Seasonal Reception (Dec. 14).

Online free registration for events can be made through Eventbrite here:

You can download A pdf brochure of the fall schedule from here McLuhan Program (Fall 2015) .

CoachHouse_New New Signage at the Coach House

4 Responses to “McLuhan Program Fall 2015 Launch Meeting, The Coach House, University of Toronto”

  1. 1 paologranata


    Thank you very much Alex! Paolo

    PS: I would like to acknowledge McLuhan Galaxy within the new website of the McLuhan Centre. Are you agree? If yes, what’s the formula we could use to do so?


    • Yes, thank you, Paolo. That would help me a lot. I have always promoted McLuhan Program events since I started the McLuhan Galaxy blog in the summer of 2010. Nobody at the iSchool or McLuhan Program has ever acknowledged my efforts or said thank you. The McLuhan Estate adopted my blog as their official blog and the most recent 10 postings are linked on the Official McLuhan Estate website. See (and scroll down). I also have almost 700 direct subscribers and the blog is widely linked to. Each posting is also sent to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, our McLuhan Google Group and sometimes Pinterest. So the cumulative coverage is fairly wide. Last year I was awarded the The John Culkin Award for Outstanding Praxis in the Field of Media Ecology for publishing the blog.

      Congratulations for a wonderful and exciting program launch. This is an excellent start…….Alex


  2. Excellent


  1. 1 Celebrating re-launch of McLuhan’s Coach House activity in the 21st Century | Human as Media

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