Howard Gossage: The San Francisco “Mad Man” Who Initiated Marshall McLuhan’s Rise to Celebrity


The Gossage Gallery – Howard & Friends

Howard’s final bit of practical magic is the magic of connection – and it’s one we can all practice. It’s what happens when people connect and do what people do – laugh, talk, share, and make something happen. Howard was always looking for like minded people to raise a little hell – and do it in style.

 Here on Walter Landor’s boat (Walter Landor – founder of Landor Associates, one of the world’s leading design firms) is Howard with Walter Landor, Tom Wolfe, Marshall McLuhan and his wife, Alice Lowe (Gossage’s office manager who is currently head of San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum), Herb  Caen (the well-known columnist), a city commissioner, and Gerry Feigen, a doctor who joined Howard’s  merry band.



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One Response to “Howard Gossage: The San Francisco “Mad Man” Who Initiated Marshall McLuhan’s Rise to Celebrity”

  1. Somebody should interview Mary McLuhan – she was the guest of Howard Gossage and his wife for over a year in the 1965-66 period before Mary got married in Dec., 1966.

    I did many years ago.

    She had hitchhiked penniless to San Francisco after working in Banff for the summer, called her father for some advice, and Marshall told her to call Gossage. He received her with open arms.

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