McLuhan Program in Culture & Technology Winter Program Week 1: Monday Night Seminar, JAN 25 & Book Salon, JAN 27, Toronto


Winter/Spring 2016 program of events

Engaging Community (Inaugural season Monday night seminar) – Is there a global village?

Monday, 25 January 2016, 6:00 – 8:00 PM
With Rohinton Medhora, Bonnie Rubenstein, Nora Young
ROHINTON P. MEDHORA is President of the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), joining in 2012. He served on CIGI’s former International Board of Governors from 2009–2014. Previously, he was vice president of programs at Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC). He has published extensively on these issues in professional and nontechnical journals, and has produced two books: Finance and Competitiveness in Developing Countries  (Routledge, 2001); and Financial Reform in Developing Countries (Macmillan, 1998), which he co-edited with José Fanelli.
 BONNIE RUBENSTEIN has been a director at the CONTACT Photography Festival in Toronto since 2002 and is responsible for its artistic programming. In 2003 she established the public installation program and since then has overseen well over 100 projects by both emerging and established artists from Canada and around the world. Each year she curates several high profile, large scale installations of photography in public spaces throughout the city. For many years Rubenstein has
also been actively engaged with the curation and organization of visual arts exhibitions at major museums and galleries for CONTACT and previously for Lisson Gallery, London, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, and the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto.
 NORA YOUNG is a journalist specializing in technology and culture. She is particularly interested in technology and philosophy, technology and the body, and the use and abuse of data. Her radio show/podcast/blog, Spark, airs across Canada on CBC Radio One. She also has an indie podcast called The Sniffer, about trends in technology, media and the arts, with her friend, Cathi Bond. She authored The Virtual Self: How Our Digital Lives Are Altering the World Around Us (2012).

McLuhan in an Age of Social Media
Connected Editions, 2015

Wednesday, 27 January 2016, 6:00 – 8:00 PM

With Paul Levinson, Ira Nayman, Hugh Spencer

This essay can be considered a new chapter in my book Digital McLuhan, published in 1999, or before the advent of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and the social media of our age. Marshall McLuhan’s ideas, including hot and cool, the medium is the message, and the tetrad, are applied to help us understand selfies, tweeting, iconic television shows such as The Sorpanos and Mad Men, the Arab Spring, the U.S. Presidential election of 2016, and the Kindle revolution itself.

Paul Levinson, PhD, is Professor of Communication & Media Studies at Fordham University in New York City.

McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology
39A Queens Park Crescent E. – Parking available off 121 St. Joseph St. Toronto [map]

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