The anniversary year was an occasion for conferences all across Canada.  I attended several and then assembled a few of the interpreters who impressed me most in this series of documentaries, first broadcast in December of that year. The following are from David Cayley’s Podcasts:

The Legacy of Harold Innis: Part One  (Audio, 56 minutes) –

—> The influences that formed Innis’s thought & his staples studies in economics

The Legacy of Harold Innis: Part Two (Audio, 57 minutes) –

—> Innis’s hopes & fears for Western civilization embodied in his communications studies

The Legacy of Harold Innis: Part Three (Audio, 57 minutes) –

—> The academic who believed that the university must remain an ivory tower, the nature of knowledge & the proper place of universities within culture

David Cayley is a Toronto-based Canadian writer and broadcaster, who worked on CBC Radio One’s program Ideas from 1981 to 2012. Cayley was the winner of the 2014 John Culkin Award for Outstanding Praxis in the Field of Media Ecology, awarded  by the Media Ecology Association.

His written works include:

  • Ideas on the Nature of Science (2009) (Toronto: Goose Lane Editions)
  • The Rivers North of the Future: The Testament of Ivan Illich (2005) (Toronto: Anansi Press)
  • Puppet Uprising (2003) (Toronto: CBC Radio Canada)
  • Corruption of Christianity Illich, Ivan (Author) Cayley, David (Editor) (2000) (Toronto: Anansi Press)
  • Northrop Frye in Conversation interviews with Northrop Frye (2000) (Toronto: Anansi Press)
  • Expanding Prison (1998) (Toronto: Anansi Press)
  • George Grant in Conversation interviews with George Grant (1995) (Toronto: Anansi Press)
  • Ivan Illich in Conversation interviews with Ivan Illich (1992) (Toronto: Anansi Press)