McLuhan Centre Winter Program Week 2: Monday Night Seminar, Feb 1: Workshop Feb 2 & New Explorations Group Feb 3


Winter/Spring 2016 program of events

THE INVISIBLE VILLAGE – Where is our cultural memory?

Monday, 1 February, 2016, 6:00 – 8:00 PM

ADRIANA IERACI is an entrepreneur and designer with a background in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto. She works with agile start-up processes and design methodologies to create new product ideas. Adriana founded Conveyor Built, a design consultancy and innovation skills development firm to explore Internet of Things technologies. She founded Get Your Bot On!, a community of roboticists and enthusiasts to collaborate on robot prototypes in a hackathon format and discuss topics in robotics, sharing ideas at the monthly meetup. Adriana teaches start-up methods and design at the University of Toronto coaching her students in developing their own product ideas. She is currently working on an electronic jewellery product with a haptic interface.

HEATHER RUMBALL is the President of the Toronto Public Library Foundation. She joined the Foundation in December, 2003 having worked as Vice President, Marketing & Fund Development for the Odyssium (science centre) in Edmonton, Alberta. Prior to that Heather worked for the Stratford Festival as Annual Fund Director. A native Torontonian – and one of the city’s biggest fans – Heather is passionate about the Library’s central role in building a city of life-long readers, learners and creators for a successful  Toronto, and how the Foundation can inspire giving in support of exemplary collections, groundbreaking programs and services, and innovative community spaces.

TOM SHERMAN is an artist and writer. He works across media (video, radio, performance, print and the Web). From a phenomenological perspective, he is focused on describing environments and authors all manner of texts. His interdisciplinary work has been exhibited internationally, including shows at the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art and the Venice Biennale. He published Before and After the IBomb: An Artist in the Information Environment in 2002. He received the Governor General’s Award for Visual and Media Art in 2010. Sherman is a professor in the Department of Transmedia at Syracuse University in New York state.



Tuesday, 2 February, 6:00 – 9:00 PM

cosmin munteanuCOSMIN MUNTEANU ICCIT, University of Toronto Mississauga
The rise of the intelligent machines – bridging or widening the digital divide for underserved users? In this workshop I will survey several examples of intelligent new media interfaces that can provide support for underserved users, will bring up for debate issues of online privacy, safety, and isolation for such users, discuss the role of interactive interfaces in making the information-centric society less threatening and more accessible, and argue that emerging smart interactive technologies can both help and hinder our efforts to close the digital divide. I will then propose for discussion several possible short- and long-term directions that can bring us closer to eliminating or at least reducing this divide that in many ways affects all of us.




Wednesday, 3 February, 6:00 – 8:00 PM

A collective experiment in how to be human in the C21st. Probing the hidden structures of new media environments, the New Explorations Group seeks not only to conceive but also to perceive the ways in which our psyches and cultures are being transformed by our intimate relationships with (de-)evolving technologies. This series is curated by Adam Pugen (UofT iSchool).


We explore the work of Glenn Gould, the influence of Marshall McLuhan on Gould’s philosophy of performance, and the relevance of McLuhanesque/Gouldian aesthetics to the current state of music composition and distribution. We refocus our investigation to consider the question: in an era of constant recording and remix, how does the experience of spontaneity fare in our daily performances of self? Bring your old/new recording technologies and prepare to record and be recorded!

Probing the hidden structures of new media environments, the New Explorations Group seeks not only to conceive but also to perceive the ways in which our psyches and cultures are being transformed by our intimate relationships with (de-)evolving technologies. Open to all interested parties.

Glenn Gould and McLuhan

McLuhan & Glenn Gould were friends & enjoyed debating on the radio. (Courtesy of the Estate of Marshall McLuhan)

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