New Book Announcement: Media Transatlantic: Developments in Media & Communication Studies between North American & German-speaking Europe

 Editor: Friesen, Norm (Ed.)
  • Offers interpretations of recent developments in media and communication studies
  • Is the first to bring together leading media theorists and media philosophers from German‐speaking Europe
  • Represents a unique addition to texts related to Friedrich Kittler
  • It includes papers on Marshall McLuhan by Michael Darroch, Rainer Leschke and Norm Friesen.

This book reflects recent scholarly and theoretical developments in media studies, or Medienwissenschaft. It focuses on linkages between North America and German‐speaking Europe, and brings together and contextualizes contributions from a range of leading scholars. In addition to introducing English‐language readers to some of the most prominent contemporary German media theorists and philosophers, including Claus Pias, Sybille Krämer and Rainer Leschke, the book shows how foundational North American contributions are themselves inspired and informed by continental sources. This book takes Harold Innis or Marshall McLuhan (and other members of the “Toronto School”) as central points of reference, and traces prospective and retrospective lines of influence in a cultural geography that is increasingly global in its scope. In so doing, the book also represents a new episode in the international reception and reinterpretation of the work of Innis and McLuhan, the two founders of the theory and study of media.

Table of contents (11 chapters)

  • Introduction: The Geopolitics of Media Studies

    Friesen, Norm (et al.)

    Pages 1-12

  • What’s German About German Media Theory?

    Pias, Claus

    Pages 15-27

  • Disciplining Media Studies: An Expanding Field and Its (Self-)Definition

    Schröter, Jens

    Pages 29-48

  • Anonymous Historiography: A Metaphorology of the Constellation in Benjamin, Giedion and McLuhan

    Friesen, Norm

    Pages 51-61

  • Giedion and Explorations: Confluences of Space and Media in Toronto School Theorization

    Darroch, Michael

    Pages 63-87

  • Innis and Kittler: The Case of the Greek Alphabet

    Heilmann, Till A.

    Pages 91-110

  • Between Orality and Literacy: Plato’s Hybrid Medium and the Foundations of Media Theory

    Gibson, Twyla Gael

    Pages 111-127

  • Innis in the

    Cressman, Darryl

    Pages 131-151

  • Mersch, Dieter

    Pages 153-180

  • McLuhan and Medienwissenschaften. Sense and Sensation

    Leschke, Rainer

    Pages 183-196

  • The Messenger as a Model in Media Theory. Reflections on the Philosophical Dimensions of Theorizing Media

    Krämer, Sybille

    Pages 197-213

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