Marshall McLuhan house offers glimpse of famous intellectual


Historic home open for public tours

The home has an official historic designation and was where McLuhan grew up.

Samantha Power

The home has an official historic designation and was where McLuhan grew up.

Marshall McLuhan preached that the “medium was the message” and for the next week anyone will be able to take their own impressions from his historic family home.

The doors are open at the author and intellectual’s historic home in Highlands this week. The micro museum celebrates McLuhan and his affect on the media world.

“He’s a pretty important thinker from Edmonton,” says Chelsea Boos, programming coordinator with Arts Habitat Edmonton, which now runs the space. “He was forecasting the kinds of things that we’re dealing with before anyone else had thought to look at T.V. or media at all.”

Arts Habitat took over the space in 2013, after city council helped fund the purchases and protected the home as a heritage property.

The house has been open on a limited basis since, January but will be much more available for the rest of this week. Stuart McKay, the family genealogist, provides the family history in the main floor of the home which showcases historical family portraits and McLuhan’s library of works, as well as a T.V. wall installation.

The house also provides arts residency space through the Tennis Club, an artist collective. After six months of operations Boos is most proud of getting this space up and running.

“Having them here as another energy that adds to the space,” says Boos. “It works conceptually really well with the neighbourhood.”

Boos is hoping the community connection will continue to grow as the McLuhan House settles more into the neighbourhood.

“I’d like for it to become a more organic process,” says Boos.

Tour Info: Self-guided walking tour   –   July 4-8   –   1:00pm – 7:00pm

11342-64 St. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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