Recently Published Marshall McLuhan-Related Books Available Now


The following publications previously announced on this blog that are available now are the following:-

Explorations: Studies in Culture & Communication, Volumes 1 to 8 (1953 – 1957)

Previously announced here with full description:

explorations_1to8Click on image for expanded view.

“Explorations: Studies in Culture and Communication, principally edited by Edmund (“Ted”) Carpenter and Marshall McLuhan, was the first postwar journal to engage directly with the new “grammars” of the mid-century new media of communication. Launched in Toronto in 1953, at the very moment that television made its national début in Canada, Explorations presented a mosaic of approaches to contemporary media culture and became the texts in which McLuhan and Carpenter first formulated their most striking insights about new media in the electric age. The extraordinary breadth of contributions to Explorations from leading thinkers across the arts, humanities, social and natural sciences makes this journal a founding publication in the now burgeoning field of media studies. Originally funded by a Ford Foundation grant, the eight co-edited issues of Explorations were issued from 1953 to 1957.      


Extended Discount Offer Until January 7, 2017:-

  • Individual Volumes Sold Directly By the Publisher at 40% off List (retail) Price: USE Code EXPL2016
  • When Buying the Full 8-Volume Set: Use Code: EXPLORE8

Order from Wipf & Stock Publishers:  *  *  (541)344-1528


Marshall McLuhan: On the Nature of Media Essays, 1952 – 1978

Edited by Richard Cavell


Media studies have been catching up with McLuhan over the last 50 years. These essays are drawn from the most productive quarter-century of his career (1952-1978), and demonstrate his abiding interest in the materiality of mediation, from comic books to fashion, from technology to biology. Anchoring these essays are four meditations on the work of his great predecessor, Harold Adams Innis, who first proposed the centrality of mediation to every facet of our daily lives. McLuhan took this task literally; rejecting the specialist approach of academic study, he published in mainstream magazines such as Look and Harper’s Bazaar on topics such as sexuality and the fashion industry, in each case bringing to these topics insights that remain startlingly fresh. The essays offer a rare glimpse into a great mind as it works out the implications of the effects of media not only on what we know but on how we are coming to understand our being. (Source: )

Published by Gingko Press  –  196 pages  –  ISBN: 978-1-58423-582-8  –  US $19.95

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