If McLuhan Were Here Today : A Poem by Hannah Strait, Student


 Marshall McLuhan

Teachers are always thrilled when a student of theirs gets a work they’ve written published, and even more so when that work was created in the first place for a school assignment. That was the case for Dr. Roxanne O’Connell, Professor of Communication, Visual and New Media at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island. Her student Hannah Strait submitted a poem titled If McLuhan Were Here Today for an assignment in her media studies course called McLuhan’s Global Village. It was submitted in a significantly longer version than the extract below, which was the one that was published. I’m sure that Marshall McLuhan, poetry lover himself, would have enjoyed receiving poetry as an assignment submission, rather than just another academic paper. Congratulations, Hannah!

If McLuhan Were Here Today

by Hannah H. Strait

A heightened form of visual outlook,

Awakened to unrecorded conduct.

Conquering experience like a crook,

Rendering experience picked and plucked.


Showing people, instead of being us:

Pure perception is gained by life process.

The constant perpetual sharing is a fuss.

We must do for our internal progress.


The end of that tale can be quite woeful.

Mass consumed, mass produced, and we abuse.

The mind becomes numb, and life is dull,

No one stops to smell the flowers like ewes.


Our ego’s impulse is to stop caring,

What happens around us does not matter.

Now holding in our thoughts is daring,

And private sacred moments shatter.


What sort of hypocrisy happens here?

When GoPro petitions we are ‘hero’s’:

War joins the utile tool to drones building fear,

Loathsome, hideous deaths then tools bestow.


We must stop prostituting precious life.

Immerse yourself in the nature of things,

End your misery, your destruction, and strife.

Discover, and explore the beauty that brings.

Publication Details

Book Title: Upon Arrival: Commencement
Publisher: Eber & Wein Publishing
Year of Publication: 2016
Page: 169
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2 Responses to “If McLuhan Were Here Today : A Poem by Hannah Strait, Student”

  1. 1 Bob logan

    I too have had the wonderful experience of having had 3 of my students having had their class assignments published in a peer reviewed academic journal MDPI Philosophies. They are Emma Findlay-White; Merve Zeynep Iseri and Kate Gromova. I could not be more proud and just wanted to give them a shout out – Bob Logan


    • Thanks, Bob. I know that student success is very gratifying to you. Is that journal available online?
      If it is, perhaps I can post links to it and especially the student inclusions. Best!……Alex


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