Gould’s Variations and the Human Qualities that Foster Remarkable Creativity


Dear Friends,

We are happy to team up with the Glenn Gould Foundation and celebrate the 85th anniversary of Glenn Gould’s birth. On Sept. 23 at 2:30 p.m., the Glenn Gould Foundation, with the support of the Toronto Symphony, will be presenting Prof. Joshua Cohen of Apple University as he gives his specially created multimedia presentation on Gould’s Variations and the Human Qualities that Give Rise to Remarkable Creativity.

Join us to celebrate Glenn Gould!
Further details and registration below. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Paolo Granata


Gould’s Variations and the Human Qualities that Foster Remarkable Creativity

Join us on September 23rd for an inspiring presentation in which Apple University’s Prof. Joshua Cohen discusses Glenn Gould’s artistry and his ceaseless pursuit of perfection.

Glenn Gould, the greatest pianist of the past century, thought that musical performance has an ethical importance: it aims at an experience of ecstasy, which creates a sense of distance from the world. Drawing on a presentation he gives to executives at Apple, using illustrations from Gould’s work, Joshua Cohen will discuss the meaning of this ethical ideal, explain how Gould’s 1982 recording of the Goldberg Variations reflects this ambitious aspiration for musical performance, and explore the human qualities that foster remarkable creativity.

September 23, 2017 – 2:30 PM

Glenn Gould Studio
250 Front Street West, Toronto, ON

TICKETS Starting at $25

Go here https://goo.gl/JwoUfQ

Read more on Prof. Cohen and his work on Gould:

  • Maclean’s Magazine
  • CBC News
  • Musical Toronto


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