New Book Announcement: Medien verstehen – Marshall McLuhan’s Understanding Media


EnglishMedia in its historical and technical diversity was the promise that Marshall McLuhan had given over 50 years ago with Understanding Media. Our digitally altered present requires the book to be read again today and to be examined against the background of current technical developments. The subject of the anthology is, (a) McLuhan’s idea of media as “environments”, his idiosyncratic language and argument, as well as his acceptance of the technical comprehension of perception…

German: Medien in ihrer historischen und technischen Vielfalt zu verstehen, das war das Versprechen, das Marshall McLuhan vor über fünfzig Jahren mit Understanding Media gegeben hatte. Unsere digital veränderte Gegenwart erfordert, das Buch heute erneut zu lesen und vor dem Hintergrund aktueller technischer Entwicklungen zu hinterfragen. Gegenstand des Sammelbandes sind u. a. McLuhans Idee von Medien als „Umwelten“, seine eigenwillige Sprache und Argumentation sowie seine Annahme der technischen Verfasstheit von Wahrnehmung.

The Editors

Till A. Heilmann(Dr.Phil.) researches and teaches at the Department of Media Science at the University of Bonn. Research focus: digital image processing; Algorithms and computer programming; North American and German-speaking media science. Selected publications: “Innis and Kittler: The Case of the Greek Alphabet”, N. Friesen (eds.): Media Transatlantic, 2016, pp. 91-110; “On the precedence of the operational chain in media science and at Leroi-Gourhan”, International Jahrbuch für Medienphilosophie 2 (2016): 7-29; “Data processing in ‘capture’ capitalism. On the expansion of the exploitation zone in the age of informal surveillance, “Zeitschrift fur Medienwissenschaft 2 (2015): 35-48.

Jens Schröter (Prof. Dr. phil.) is a professor of media culture at the University of Bonn: research interests: digital media; Photography; Intermediality; three-dimensional images; Media theory and value criticism; Audiovisual and audiovisual culture. Selected Publications: Handbuch Medienwissenschaft (als Hg.), 2014; 3D. History, Theory and Aesthetics of the Technical-Transplane Image, 2014; Auditive media cultures. Techniques of listening and practices of sound design (as Hg. With A. Volmar), Bielefeld: Transcript 2013. Wired. The Wire and the Fight for the Media, 2012.

The Publisher  – meson press publishes research on digital cultures and networked media. Our open access publications challenge contemporary theories and advance key debates in the humanities of today. We combine a rigorous peer-review with hybrid formats and collaborative production methods. As a cooperative, meson press is organized in a participated setup. This allows scholars to take part in a publishing venture by academics for academics and for everyone else who is curious about theory. In the hybrid environment of today’s scholarly publishing, form follows function in a new manner. (Source )                                                (Thanks to Norm Frisen for this.)

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