Canadian News Photographer Robert Lansdale: McLuhan Seminar at the Coach House Series (1973)


The whole series of these photos was taken on April 15, 1973 at Marshall McLuhan’s Coach House, known as the Centre for Culture & Technology at St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto (Click on each image for an expanded view.)

 Eric McLuhan

You can see the entire series of 63 items from which these 7 photos are taken from here

ABOUT ROBERT LANSDALE: As a press photographer during the 1950’s Robert Lansdale MPA HLM of Etobicoke, ONT., was assigned by the Toronto Star to shoot the first Grey Cup game ever played in Vancouver, British Columbia. All the film was processed in a makeshift darkroom under the stadium with pictures wire-photo’d immediately to Toronto for that day’s editions. By the time the game was over and all the dressing room activities had been covered, there was only an hour left before Bob was scheduled to catch a plane back to Toronto. Getting to the plane on time was no problem, but taking all the negatives with him to make original prints for the Monday papers WAS a problem.
“Somehow you remember stories , not by date, but by the new equipment you’ve just started to use. I had just bought my first Hasselblad camera, plus a 240mm telephoto lens, when I was sent to Ottawa to cover the visit of President Eisenhower to Canada. I was in the side balcony of the House of Commons to photograph Mr. Eisenhower as he addressed the House. After the first five minutes there isn’t much different to record so I was searching for anything else of interest. Along the top of the wall is a sculpted frieze that runs around the whole room. At the far end of the Chamber, it changed into a little balcony, decorated with two giant winged cherubs. There, in the arms of the carved innocents, were two CIA bodyguards with high power rifles. I swung round my Hasselblad with the telephoto and snapped off two exposures then returned before the other photographers caught on to my scoop.The Star ran the two pictures across an inside page: Eisenhower speaking at the dais beside the snipers and their guardian angels!” Read the entire bio here 


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  1. 1 Robert Lansdale

    In regards to getting all the negatives from the Grey Cup back to Toronto on the night flight back…. they were WET negatives and ittook some time to work up a package that was leak proof. At every stop across CandaI ran into the washroom to separate the negatives so they would not stick together.I was immediately surrounded by spectators who wanted see the images and I gave a lecture in all the washrooms. Arrived in Toronto and the negatives were all good and well washed.

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