Invitation to Monday Night Webinar #3 on Facebook or YouTube – Monday, May 11 – 8 to 10 PM


PandeMedia and Folklores from the Lockdown Age

During this time of physical distancing, we all miss the joy of getting together, engaging in authentic real-time conversations, ultimately being part of a living community. 
Join us for the third Monday Night Webinar – PandeMedia and Folklores from the Lockdown Age – live on Facebook and YouTube, Monday MAY 4th, 8:00-10:00 PM EST.

Hosted by Paolo Granata
Special guests:
Donna Halper, Jesse Hirsch, Mark Lipton, Phil Rose

The idea is simple. In response to the state of physical distancing and isolation, it’s time to bring back the McLuhan’s tradition of weekly Monday Night sessions in a brand new format: The Monday Night Webinars!

In a playful, relaxed, and experimental online format, a panel of participants – academics, artists, designers, raconteurs, innovators, and thinkers – will explore the mosaic of the metaphoric global village in light of the current global crisis, as a source of knowledge and inspiration.

LINKS to the live stream:

Marshall McLuhan Facebook Group

The McLuhan Institute YouTube Channel:

Biographies of the Guest Speakers 

DONNA HALPER is a professor at Lesley University in Cambridge MA; a media historian; author of six books and many articles; a mentor; researcher; and public speaker. She has been a former radio consultant, radio disc jockey and music director, best known for having discovered the [Canadian] rock band Rush (who dedicated two albums to her). She has also been a free-lance reporter for several newspapers and magazines. She has taught courses in broadcasting, media criticism, and media history, and is author of a number of books, including the first book-length study devoted to the history of women in American broadcasting.

JESSE HIRSCH is a futurist speaker, researcher and internet strategist. An experienced innovator and collaborator, his passion is educating people on the potential benefits and perils of technology. Jesse owns and operates Metaviews Media Management Ltd., which focuses on research and consulting around new media business models, big data, and the strategic use of social media. He is also a co-founder of the Academy of the Impossible a peer to peer lifelong learning facility. Because of the impact technology has on our relationship with the world, Jesse believes that it should be used in responsible and creative ways. He encourages audiences to use technology as the catalyst for collaboration, education, and growing thriving organizations.

MARK LIPTON is Professor in the School of English and Theatre Studies at the University of Guelph. He is the author of Research, Write, Create: Connecting Scholarship to Digital Media (Oxford UP, 2014) and works at the cross-sections of media and education, where young adults’ conceptions of media, culture, and learning (trans/inter)-act across contexts of spectacle, performance, and identity. Lipton was Primary Investigator and subsequent author of Smoke Screens: From Tobacco Outrage to Media Activism (Children’s Health Initiative 2000-2003); Media Education Project (Canadian Council on Learning & Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada [SSHRC] 2007-2012).

PHIL ROSE has taught Communication courses at York, McMaster, and Wilfred Laurier Universities. Interested in media environments, he was the President of the Media Ecology Association and is actively involved with the Canadian Communication Association. Phil is also interested in politics and ran for parliamentary office to represent the interests of Niagara West in Canada’s Parliament. He holds a PhD in Communications & Culture, a Master’s degree in Music Criticism, and Bachelor degrees in Education, English and Music. Phil enjoys mentoring students, as well as teaching and playing piano and the guitar. He is the author of  Radiohead: Music for a Global Future (Rowman & Littlefield Publisher)  and  Roger Waters and Pink Floyd: The Concept Albums, published by Fairleigh Dickinson University Press.

A McLuhan Seminar at the Coach House, 1973

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