Invitation to Monday Night Webinar #10 on Facebook or YouTube – Monday, June 29, 8 to 10 PM


PandeMedia & Folklores from the Lockdown Age

Join us for the tenth Monday Night Webinar, Monday JUNE 29, 8:00-10:00 PM EST: PandeMedia and Folklores from the Lockdown Age.

In a playful, relaxed, and experimental online format, a panel of participants will explore the mosaic of the metaphoric global village in light of the current global crisis, as a source of knowledge and inspiration.

With special guests Marc Bélanger, Elaine Kahn, Junichi Miyazawa

LINKS to the live stream:

Marshall McLuhan Facebook Group

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Biographies of the Guest Speakers

MARC BÉLANGER is a labour union educator specializing in information technology and distance education via computer communications. He worked for the Workers’ Activities Programme of the training centre of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Turin, Italy, from 2000-2008. He was head of the Programme from 2007-2008. The Programme operates the largest international union education school in the world. Its objective is to help build the capacities of unions in developing countries. The ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations. Bélanger is now the producer and host of RadioLabour news at . He has a degree in journalism from Ryerson University, a Master’s in media studies from The New School and a PhD in computer communications from Simon Fraser University. His Master’s thesis was on “Marshall McLuhan and the art of work”. The subject of his doctoral thesis is “Online collaborative learning and the training of union staff in developing countries”. In 1995 Bélanger became the first person outside of the United States to earn a university degree (a Master’s in Media Studies) completely via computer communications through Connected Education‘s program with The New School headed by Paul Levinson. Also in 1995 he became a founding director of Canada’s Telelearning Network of Centres of Excellence (a national research network concerning distance education via computer communications funded by the Canadian government).

ELAINE KAHN trained as a journalist at the Toronto Star and has written features, news, book reviews and op-eds for a variety of media outlets in the US, UK and Canada. Her university education includes a BA in English Lit from U of Toronto (University College), an MA in Liberal Studies, and PhD in Global Affairs from Rutgers University. She writes about how she met Marshall McLuhan when she was a Grade 12 student: “My interaction with McLuhan is episodic/odd/serendipitous. When I was in grade 12, I was one of about a dozen students in my high school allowed to skip class for the last month of the school year to work on a special project. My project was on media and, as part of it, I shadowed Lotta Dempsey at the [Toronto] Star for a day or two. During that time, she went to interview Harley Parker and I went with her. While we were waiting, McLuhan popped in to talk with us for about 15 minutes, explaining (among other things) the camera obscura and telling me that the generation gap is where the action is”She recently published Been Hoping We Might Meet Again, an annotated collection of the entire correspondence –from 1968 to 1980– between Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Marshall McLuhan.

JUNICHI MIYAZAWA, PhD is a Japanese author, critic and professor at Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo. His work covers literature, music and media, with a special focus on Canadian studies. He is also one of the world’s leading Glenn Gould scholars. His Guren Gurudo ron (Glenn Gould: A Perspective, Tokyo, 2004) was awarded Yoshida Hidekazu Sho, Japan’s highest prize for music writing. He has translated sixteen books into Japanese from English and Russian, including the literature by and about Glenn Gould, a companion to Andrey Tarkovsky’s film The Mirror, and Timothy Findley’s classic novel The Wars (on account of his expertise, he was Director of the university’s Foreign Language Laboratory, 2014-2018). He is also the author of Makuruhan no kokei (McLuhan’s View, Tokyo, 2007). Junichi Miyazawa currently has several pending publications, including a book on Glenn Gould’s radio documentaries (in both English and Japanese) and Japanese translation of McLuhan’s works, all to be based on his research on the sabbatical leave (2018/2019) in Canada as Visiting Scholar at Massey College, The University of Toronto, Visiting Professor at St. Michael’s College, The University of Toronto, and Visiting Professor at Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies, York University.

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