The Medium is the Medium is the Medium: Mansaram Collages & Paintings Now at the Burlington Art Gallery


P. Mansaram: The Medium is the Medium is the Medium

September 11, 2020 – January 3, 2021
Burlington Art Gallery
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Curated by Indu Vashist and Toleen Touq of the South Asian Visual Arts Centre (SAVAC), this exhibition of Burlington’s senior media artist P. Mansaram’s work thinks through the artist’s decades-long practice of repetition. For P. Mansaram, repetition is art practice, repetition is meditation, repetition is spirituality, repetition is falling in love, and as he says, repetition is a way to finding god. Strategically using recurrence and reproduction through a variety of medium including drawing, painting, collage, text, sculpture, xerox, silkscreen printmaking, and film, P. Mansaram’s work invokes unending feelings of travel: through time, dimension and territory.

“The Medium is the Message” is a quote by Marshall McLuhan, a well-known professor and thinker who was interested in media (like film, television, and photography) and communication. He became famous in the 1960s when the world was being changed by new technologies. Marshall McLuhan’s ideas inspired P. Mansaram. They even became collaborators, working on a series of paintings together! When he said “The Medium is the Message,” Marshall McLuhan was suggesting that the way we choose to communicate (email, art, text messaging, TikTok, Twitter) shapes what we say and how we say it. Imagine telling your friend about your new puppy. How would a text message you send them about it be different than a painting you make of it to show them?

Find the print in the exhibition called “The Message Man”. On it, there is a drawing of Mansaram’s famous collaborator, Marshall McLuhan.

                                          Marshall McLuhan & Mansaram 1974 

The Medium is the Medium is the Medium circulating exhibition is co-organized by SAVAC and the Art Museum at the University of Toronto and with the financial support of the Ontario Arts Council. The AGB’s presentation has been generously supported by our reopening partner and exhibition sponsor, DJB Chartered Professional Accountants, and the Government of Canada.

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