New Book Announcement: McLuhan’s Techno-Sensorium City: Coming to Our Senses in a Programmed Environment


University of Winnipeg

In McLuhan’s Techno-Sensorium City: Coming to Our Senses in a Programmed Environment, Jaqueline McLeod Rogers argues that Marshall McLuhan was both an activist and a speculative urbanist who drew from cross-disciplinary and ahistorical sources to explore constitutive exchanges between humanity and technologies to alter human perception and imagine a sustainable future based on collective participation in a responsive urban environment. This environment—a techno-sensorium—would endeavor to design and program technology to be favorable to life and capable of engaging with multiple senses. McLeod Rogers examines McLuhan’s active engagement with the vibrant art and urban design culture of his day to further understand the ways in which the links he drew between media, technology, space, architecture, art, and cities continue to inform current urban and art criticism and practices. Scholars of media studies, urbanism, philosophy, architecture, and sociology will find this book particularly useful. (Source:

Lexington Books
Pages: 192 • Trim: 6 x 9
978-1-7936-0524-5 • Hardback • November 2020
978-1-7936-0525-2 • eBook • November 2020
Subjects: Social Science / Media StudiesSocial Science / Sociology / UrbanPhilosophy / Philosophy of TechnologyPhilosophy / Individual Philosophers

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About Jaqueline-McLeod-Rogers, Professor & Chair, Department of Rhetoric, Writing & Communication, University of Winnipeg

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