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Prose Percepts, Lyric Responses by B.W. Powe, in collaboration with Marshall Soules, on NEW MEDIA, EMPATHY, IDENTITY, REFUGEES, NATIONALISM, THE DONALD TRUMP PHENOMENON, JUSTIN TRUDEAU, A-LITERACY, THE WILD INTERNET, PARANOIA, POETRY AND INTIMACY, BOB DYLAN, PATTI SMITH… Street Art Photos by Marshall Soules We´re experiencing the charge in the global membrane… By this I mean immersion […]

The New York Times has just reviewed The Selected Letters of John Cage, edited by Laura Kuhn, director of the John Cage Trust. See .  Asked about the connections of music and art to life by composer-editor R.I.P. Hayman, Cage explained why people create art: “Two good reasons: 1) To quiet and sober the […]

Sandy Pearlman: University of Toronto, Marshall McLuhan Centenary Fellow, Dean’s Professor for Interdisciplinary Innovation Producer: Blue Oyster Cult, Clash, Dream Syndicate, Dictators, et al McLuhan Fellow Sandy Pearlman (2013-2014) in conversation with Carl Haber  What do Alexander Graham Bell’s Voice, Thomas Edison’s Dolls, and the Grateful Dead Have in Common?  Carl Haber, of course! Come […]

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, SJ (1881 – 1955) Marshall McLuhan acknowledged Teilhard de Chardin as follows in The Gutenberg Galaxy (1962):- “… since our new electric culture provides our lives again with a tribal base. There is available the lyrical testimony of a very Romantic biologist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, in his Phenomenon of Man (p.240): ‘Now, to […]

“You mean my whole fallacy is wrong”, from Annie Hall (1977), directed by Woody Allen “Marshall McLuhan was a skeptic, a joker, and an erudite maniac. He read too deeply from Finnegans Wake, had too great a fondness for puns, and never allowed his fun to be ruined by the adoption of a coherent point of view. […]

Acoustic Space: A Short, Sage and Funny Movie  By Paul Levinson   –   January 17, 2015 Just saw Acoustic Space, a short film by Anthony Marinelli currently on the film festival circuit, and based on the award-winning play by Marinelli of the same name.   That name is taken from Marshall McLuhan’s phrase – […]

 Erik Davis A talk delivered at the Xchange conference, Riga, Latvia, November 1997 Today I’d like to talk about some abstract ideas, some images, some open-ended notions about acoustic space. In particular, I am interested in the relationship between electronic sound and environments, on the Internet or in music. I won’t talk about the various […]

Although this seminar happened several days ago at the University of Oxford, I am posting it here because it underlines another academic area of influence that Marshall McLuhan has had, in this case, on sound studies, with his concept of  “acoustic space.” Sounds Assembling by Bertram Brooker (1928) Image from Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG) Open to […]