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See previous postings on this blog on McLuhan & Lennon:- John Lennon in Conversation with Marshall McLuhan – Marshall McLuhan’s Interview of John Lennon – Marshall McLuhan & John Lennon – New Book: The Beatles and McLuhan: Understanding the Electric Age – 

The Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) cordially invites media researchers, creative practitioners, and social activists to the second part of its public seminar series Moving Forward. The seminar offers an opportunity to connect through a Round table discussion, film screening, and exclusive performance on media, diversity issues, and silenced voices at Toronto’s industReal arts room […]

During his final Canadian peace campaign of 1969, John Lennon took part in a number of media engagements. Two occurred on this day, the first at the department of culture and technology at the University of Toronto. CBS-TV, a US television network, scheduled and filmed a summit between Lennon and the Canadian philosopher and academic Marshall McLuhan. […]

   By Jack Spatafora   –   It was the revolutionary year 1968. While the streets were filled with anti-Vietnam protesters, a few of us true believers met in a Washington DC hotel basement. It was the only place we could book a meeting with this peculiar Canadian professor and the even more peculiar star of the recent […]

Pratt Manhattan Gallery will present “Resonance: Looking for Mr. McLuhan,” an exhibition of works from the 1960s to the present that commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the pioneering media critic Marshall McLuhan, from October 21 through December 21, 2011, at Pratt Manhattan Gallery at 144 West 14th Street, Second Floor. The exhibition […]

One suspects that one of Yousuf Karsh’s portraits of Marshall McLuhan, like the one below might be selected for the exhibition. “Marshall McLuhan” (1974) by Yousuf Karsh. Vintage photogravure. Printed 1974. Signed in the plate. Intended edition of 950 (of which all were printed?). Printed on white Bristol paper. Very scarce. Possibly printed in a run […]

–        From Norman, P. (2009). John Lennon: The Life. Toronto: Random House of Canada. Before leaving Toronto, he and Yoko had a meeting with Marshall McLuhan, guru of the new science of communications, whose famous axiom “the medium is the message” might have been coined especially for them. Why choose Canada as their arena rather […]

Of course John Lennon knew of McLuhan, followed his work, sought him out in Toronto and was later interviewed by McLuhan. More on that in another posting. JOHN LENNON AND MARSHALL McLUHAN, ECHOES IN THE UNIVERSE By: Jan Feldman It was 30 years ago today, well, 30 years ago December, when the light of two pop […]