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Father Walter J. Ong (1912 – 2003) Professor Thomas Farrell posted the following unpublished letter from Marshall McLuhan to his former student Walter Ong, dated Sept. 3, 1976, to the listserv of the Media Ecology Association on Feb. 11, 2015. The original letter  is in the Walter J. Ong Archive at Saint Louis University. The letter […]

This is from the personal blog of London Free Press journalist James Reaney, son of the late Dr. James Reaney, University of Western Ontario English professor, award-winning poet and dramatist. He was also one of my English Literature professors at the University of Western Ontario. Presumably, Marshall McLuhan knew James Reaney from his days studying […]

 McLuhan & “Bucky” Fuller Photo by Robert Fleming taken in the Bahamas Somebody has posted some of the letters of Marshall McLuhan online, presumably taken from the “Letters of Marshall McLuhan” (1987), published by Oxford University Press. Here are a few of them; follow the link at the end for more……AlexK September 17th, 1964 – to BUCKMINSTER […]

From The Educated Imagination blog, link at the bottom – From Northrop Frye: The Selected Letters, 1934-1991, ed. Robert D. Denham (Jefferson, NC, and London: McFarland & Co., 2009) Letter to Robert Heilman, 29 October 1951 . . . I am very deeply obliged to you for being responsible for my having a wonderful summer.  I have […]

This article is taken from PN Review 180, Volume 34 Number 4, March – April 2008. Yrs. To Hand: Marshall McLuhan Writes to Ezra Pound David Rollow On Bloomsday in 1948 Marshall McLuhan wrote Ezra Pound a letter in praise of the Pisan Cantos. It closed on a query about detective stories: ‘I’ve been pondering […]