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In anticipation of Bill Kuhns’ to-be-published huge compendium of McLuhan quotes in his McLuhan Marshalling Machine: A Dictionary of Quotations, where they will be categorized by the artifact or phenomenon they refer to, I have Bill’s permission to publish samples of original McLuhan quotes from his writings, lectures, and interviews, some of which will have never […]

Click on the image for an expanded view. Designed by Paolo Granata, University of Toronto Studying book history and print culture often requires a specialized terminology. Designed to honour the legacy of the German inventor Johannes Gutenberg, this 52-card deck is a guide to key terms, including illustrations and examples, used in printing history, bibliography, and textual scholarship. It’s also a […]

Photo courtesy of Eric McLuhan Is it possible to train the way that you think, the same way you might prepare for a sporting event or study for an exam? Is it possible to improve the way that you think or are we simply born into one pattern of thought? As a graphic designer, there’s […]

Announcement for the Dew-Line Newsletter The Marshall McLuhan DEW-Line Newsletter was “an early warning system for the changing age we live in”. It was issued by media theorist, commentator and critic Marshall McLuhan [between 1968 and 1970], and included several loose-leaf facsimile papers on the nature of media, society and advertising, loose-leaf reproduced advertisements, and typographic experiments. […]

Marshall McLuhan wrote in his Introduction to the Second Edition of  Understanding Media: “The power of the arts to anticipate future social and technological developments, by a generation and more, has long been recognized. In this century Ezra Pound called the artist ‘the antennae of the race’. Art as radar acts as ‘an early alarm […]

Patrick Watson & the Wooden Arms Published On Mon Nov 07 2011   –   Greg Quill, Entertainment Columnist A symbolic confluence of art, science and philosophy, the Dew Line Concert at Koerner Hall Thursday night — featuring Polaris prize-winning Montreal band Patrick Watson & the Wooden Arms and indie songwriter/guitarist Amy Millan of Stars — marks the […]

The following item was published online on the late Liss Jeffrey’s McLuhan Global Research Network, which was located at . That site is no longer online, but I have been able to retrieve this essay using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. By Alex Kuskis, PhD A difficult to find item relating to McLuhan studies […]