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This latest book by Eric McLuhan was announced on this blog on Oct. 27. See . The following is Dr. McLuhan’s Forward to his book:- The Sensus Communis Synesthesia & The Soul   –   An Odyssey By Eric McLuhan Foreword is Forewarned When I came across a description of the experience of mysticism in Henri […]

(Photo courtesy of the McLuhan Centre for Culture & Technology, U of Toronto) Eric McLuhan books launch “Sensus Communis”/“Cynic Satire”, McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology – University of Toronto: Philip Marchand, McLuhan biographer (“The Medium and the Messenger”), Eric McLuhan, and Francesco Guardiani, Professor of Italian, University of Toronto, who published essays on McLuhan […]

The McLuhan Centre for Culture & Technology is please to announce an important launch of two new books written by Eric McLuhan, son and intellectual partner of Marshall McLuhan: Sensus Communis  and Cynic Satire. Date & Time: November 6, 2017 at 7:00 PM Place: The McLuhan Centre, 39A Queens Park Crescent, University of Toronto (free parking […]

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2015  10:00 AM Gather in Hanley Hall, St. Paul’s College (SPC) 10:30 AM Greetings and welcome by conference organizers Howard R. Engel, Director, MMI at St. Paul’s College, Winnipeg, Manitoba & Dr. Read Mercer Schuchardt, Senior Director, IISTC & Associate Professor of Communication, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois. Hanley Hall 10:50 AM Proceed […]

Housewarming, May 2, 1969. Rene Cera, Marshall McLuhan, Professor Arthur Porter – U of Toronto Archives, Robert Lansdale Photography Ltd Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend the launch of the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology (at the Coach House Institute) fall 2015 seminar, workshop and special event series line up. A half century ago […]

“… as teachers we have to recognize that education is no longer a monopoly of the classroom and that the young are learning as much outside as inside the classroom. Moreover, we ourselves have to face new facts and new media which are as novel for us as for our students. We have, as never […]

This new edition is in paperback format and is published by Wipf & Stock of Eugene, Oregon, with a Foreward by Eric McLuhan. This is from the Author’s Note to the original edition, published by McGraw-Hill in 1970 in hardcover: This book is not about ads, but about our time. However, if some archaeologist in some […]

There has been a recent sometimes heated discussion on the Media Ecology Association’s listserv about the value and applicability of Marshall and Eric McLuhan’s Laws of Media (LoM). As in the past, some media scholars value and apply the LoM in their teaching and writing, while others either willfully or otherwise misunderstand them, do not […]

In Laws of Media (1988) and The Global Village (1989), published posthumously, Marshall McLuhan summarized his thinking about technology in a concise tetrad of media effects. The tetrad is an analytical tool for considering the effects on society of any technology/medium, artifact, or idea (put another way: a means of explaining the social processes underlying the adoption of […]

The statue of Egerton Ryerson, founder of the school system of Ontario, at Ryerson University, Toronto By Alex Kuskis For the first time in its history the MEA held its annual convention in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, downtown at Ryerson University, though this was the second time the event had been held in Canada; the University […]