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   This unique website that is dedicated to Marshall McLuhan’s best-selling book is comprised of 6 sections:- 1. The Lecture, which offers an audio capture of Marshall McLuhan’s lecture as delivered on May 7, 1966, at The Poetry Center of the 92nd Street YM-YWHA for the Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts. McLuhan titled his lecture […]

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has put up a terrific McLuhan Centenary website focusing on videos of his TV appearances when he visited Australia in 1977 at: . Welcome to the McLuhan Project Words by McKenzie Wark, RN McLuhan thinker-in-residence. This July 21 marks the 100th birthday of the late Marshall McLuhan. McLuhan caused a […]

For quite some time I have wanted to catalogue and organize all of the videos of McLuhan that are available on the Internet on YouTube and other sites: lectures, interviews, conversations, etc. Now somebody has begun that at a new site called Marshall McLuhan Speaks. As David Frum notes, “His ideas are as arresting today […]