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MARSHALL MCLUHAN AND THE ARTS “The artist tends now to move from the ivory tower to the control tower of society”. —Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media (1964) Editors | Adam Lauder and Jaqueline McLeod Rogers This special issue exploring “Marshall McLuhan and the arts” encourages new approaches to the study of McLuhan’s influential theses on perception, […]

Neil Andersen and Carol Arcus of the [Toronto-based] Association for Media Literacy are proud to have been the guest editors of the Agency issue of The Journal of Media Literacy. We chose Agency as the issue’s theme because there is ongoing debate over how users can exercise agency within environments comprised of big data, multinational […]

Harley Parker (1915 – 1992) Amodern, a Canadian peer-reviewed, open-access scholarly journal devoted to the study of media, culture, and poetics, has just published a special edition on Canadian artist, designer, curator, professor and scholar – a frequent collaborator with fellow Canadian and communications theorist Marshall McLuhan (Wikipedia), edited by Dr. Gary Genosko, of the University […]

The photograph above was taken by Josephine Smith in 1945 when Marshall McLuhan was 34 and teaching at Assumption College, now part of the University of Windsor; it was restored by the McLuhan Estate in 2012 and is copyright.  (Cover image added after the issue discussed below was published.) A previously unpublished manuscript by Marshall McLuhan […]

Cover of Explorations 3 (August 1954). The short-lived but influential magazine overseen by Edmund Carpenter and Marshall McLuhan (Republished by Permission) By Kevin Plummer In the 1950s, anthropologist Edmund Carpenter, English professor Marshall McLuhan, and others were at the centre of an innovative working group at the University of Toronto investigating modes and media of communication from […]

 Explorations 4 (Feb, 1955) Issue Four (April, 1954) of the tri-annual periodical edited by Edmund Carpenter. Associate editor Marshall McLuhan and others. Contributions by Dorothy Lee, D.C. Williams, Jorge Luis Borges, e.e. Cummings, Joan Rayfield, Marjorie Adix, Millar McLure, Marshall McLuhan, Lawrence K. Frank, Stephen Gilman, Northrop Frye, Walter J. Ong, Edmund Carpenter, Francis Golffing, J. […]

journal of visual culture Indexed in 2012 Arts & Humanities Citation Index and 2012 Social Sciences Citation Index  Table of Contents April 2014; 13 (1) Edited by: Raiford Guins Volume 13 Number 1 April 2014 Raiford Guins The Present Went This-A-Way: Marshall McLuhan’s Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man @ 50 – 3 Charles R Acland Never Too […]

EME Editor Paul Grosswiler announces that Explorations in Media Ecology {EME} 12:1&2 (2013) is in the mail to MEA members. EME 12.3&4 (2013), with a special section on Probing the Boundaries of Media Ecology, guest-edited by Rob MacDougall, Peter Zhang and Bob Logan, is ready to be distributed soon. Both issues of EME volume 12 […]

There is no question that Marshall McLuhan’s ideas are misused and abused, often by those who have never read him closely or even at all. Blameworthy are business executives, advertisers, politicians and tech types who utter banalities about “the medium is the message”, the “global village”, hot versus cool mediums and other ill-understood ideas. This is […]

April 1st, 2013 – The new online journal Second Nature officially launches today and plans to be the definitive place for critical thinking about technology and new media in light of the Christian tradition, with written articles, images, videos, poetry, and links. The journal’s co-founders are Benjamin Robertson, Brantly Millegan, and Read Mercer Schuchardt. Robertson and Millegan both studied […]