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Anthony Wachs’ new book has been published and is shipping:- By Anthony M. Wachs November 2015 | paper | ISBN 978-0-8207-0487-6 Publisher: Duquesne University Press Book Information: “The medium is the message,” and we now live in a “global village” — much of Marshall McLuhan’s significant contributions to communication theory has been reduced to these well-known aphorisms. […]

 Eric Havelock, while at Yale Harold Innis and Ted Carpenter have been documented on this blog as key figures in the McLuhan Galaxy. I want to document the other principal figures associated with the Toronto School of Communication, specifically Eric Havelock and David R. Olson, along with some of the key members of the Centre […]

CORINNE MCLUHAN: “I was doing my best to get Marshall interested in the offers he had had from universities in the States. We went to see Claude Bissell, president of the U of T. And Claude said ‘All right, Marshall, what would you think about having your own building, your own Coach house?’ Marshall was […]

Enculturation – a journal of rhetoric, writing, & culture  CFP: Marshall McLuhan at 100 Special Issue  Marshall McLuhan at 100: Picking through the Rag and Bone Shop of a Career Guest Editors:  Kevin Brooks, North Dakota State University, David Beard, University of Minnestoa, Duluth Marshall McLuhan would have turned 100 on July 21, 2011. His […]