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Click here for the audio – Marshall McLuhan and the Kindle Welcome to Light On Light Through, Episode 90, in which I discuss how Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980), who never wrote for a Kindle and of course didn’t even know about it, nonetheless correctly foresaw its revolutionary impact on authors when he wrote, in Laws of the Media (1977) that the […]

The Microsoft Surface Tablet with Windows RT features a 10.6 inch ClearType HD display, processing is [provided by an NVIDIA Tegra based ARM processor, and it will come with a choice of 32GB or 64GB of built in storage. *** The New Microsoft Surface Tablet & the Rear-view Mirror Effect by R.J. Jacquez  Herbert Marshall McLuhan, the late, great […]

  Nicholas G. Carr :   McLuhan pointed out the initial content of a new medium is the old medium it replaces, and we seem to be in that phase with ebooks—the content of today’s ebooks is print books. What that also means is that we don’t yet know what an ebook really is, because it has […]

p-Book  or- e-Book (Kobo used as illustration) Why not a solution that has elements of both? Unfortunately notice of this lecture by Dr. Bob Logan comes late due to late room assignment. The Future of the Book: An Old Figure in a New Ground – Robert L. Logan –  Abstract: The title of this […]

“The human brain was never meant to read.” Katherine is deep in thought, and in reading, in this Vampire Diaries scene. It’s from the episode “The House Guest.” Will the speed of online reading deplete our analytic thought? Marshall McLuhan’s hypothesis about the medium influencing our reading circuits forms an apt prelude to today’s debates […]

Johannes Gutenberg died on this day in 1468. Most of Marshall McLuhan’s The Gutenberg Galaxy (1962) looks back to “the making of typographic man”; the last chapter looks forward from the alphabet and the printing press to the twittering, app-world ahead: What will be the new configurations of mechanisms and of literacy as these older […]

Bruce W. Powe is the author of several books, including “The Unsaid Passing” (Guernica, 2005), “Towards a Canada of Light” (Thomas Allen, 2006) and “Mystic Trudeau: The Fire and The Rose” (Thomas Allen, 2007). He is also the founder of McLuhan Initiative for the Study of Literacies at York University, Founders College in North Toronto. […]

Open Book: The year of the printerruption in the e-book age Oil paintings & dual-core processors: The New York Public Library’s WiFi Reading Room previews a paperless future. Philip Marchand – December 30, 2010 Recently, I walked into the reading room of the Robarts Library at the University of Toronto, and found not a soul […]

This article from Slate is essentially correct, that new technologies do not entirely replace obsolesced technologies, although there are exceptions. Marshall McLuhan argued that old technologies become art forms and are otherwise repurposed to function in new and surprising ways. And sometimes they are even retrieved from the past to be used again and to […]

Unfortunately, John Barber doesn’t understand his McLuhan very well. A new communication medium precisely DOES change everything, as every major new medium has demonstrated, from the phonetic alphabet to the iPad, which is why looking at media as environments makes sense. And that is not at all incompatible with humanity’s rearview mirror approach to advancement, […]