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Department of Communications and Guarini Institute Present: Maintaining the Legacy of Marshall McLuhan Place: John Cabot University, Via della Lungara 233, Roma, in UTC+02 Date & Time: Wednesday, September 7 at 7:30 PM – 9 PM Eric and Andrew McLuhan (son and grandson of late-Marshall McLuhan) will interact with the audience in a general discussion of “the McLuhan […]

This latest book by Eric McLuhan was announced on this blog on Oct. 27. See . The following is Dr. McLuhan’s Forward to his book:- The Sensus Communis Synesthesia & The Soul   –   An Odyssey By Eric McLuhan Foreword is Forewarned When I came across a description of the experience of mysticism in Henri […]

The McLuhan Centre for Culture & Technology is please to announce an important launch of two new books written by Eric McLuhan, son and intellectual partner of Marshall McLuhan: Sensus Communis  and Cynic Satire. Date & Time: November 6, 2017 at 7:00 PM Place: The McLuhan Centre, 39A Queens Park Crescent, University of Toronto (free parking […]

In this essay of extraordinary scope and depth, Eric McLuhan explores faith as a form of knowing. He does so against the backdrop of preliterate man’s concrete, bodily submersion in the putting on of poetry and drama (the practice of mimesis) and post-literate man’s bodiless submersion in electronic communication, in which sender and receiver are […]

Dr. Eric McLuhan Book Description A Menippean—Cynic—satire is a device for producing a specific kind of effect on the reader. Menippean satire is an active form, not a passive one: any work that produces the effect of a Menippean satire is a Menippean satire. It is the embodiment of a Cynic—of a Diogenes or a […]

Ryerson University used the occasion of the recent Media Ecology Association Convention (June 19-22) to publically commemorate their recently created Marshall McLuhan Seminar Room in their Rogers Communication Centre (RCC 202).  The room was named in honour of Marshall McLuhan’s association with Ryerson, which was known as Ryerson Institute of Technology when McLuhan knew it in the 1960s […]

Photo courtesy of Eric McLuhan Is it possible to train the way that you think, the same way you might prepare for a sporting event or study for an exam? Is it possible to improve the way that you think or are we simply born into one pattern of thought? As a graphic designer, there’s […]

Announcement for the Dew-Line Newsletter The Marshall McLuhan DEW-Line Newsletter was “an early warning system for the changing age we live in”. It was issued by media theorist, commentator and critic Marshall McLuhan [between 1968 and 1970], and included several loose-leaf facsimile papers on the nature of media, society and advertising, loose-leaf reproduced advertisements, and typographic experiments. […]

The original cover Kevin McMahon (Director). Michael McMahon and Kristina McLaughlin (Primitive Producers). Gerry Flahive (NFB Producer). David Sobelman (Writer & Co-producer). Montreal, PQ: Primitive Entertainment in co-production with the National Film Board of Canada in association with TVONTARIO, 2003. As he lay dying on the last day of 1980, Marshall McLuhan had every reason […]

 Andrew McLuhan Andrew McLuhan, the grandson of famed communications theorist Marshall McLuhan, visited the Fisher Library in January 20, 2014, to discuss McLuhan’s working library, which is now housed at the Fisher. Andrew discussed his role in cataloguing the McLuhan Library, some of the interesting discoveries he made, and how he came to understand his […]