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See previous postings on this blog on McLuhan & Lennon:- John Lennon in Conversation with Marshall McLuhan – Marshall McLuhan’s Interview of John Lennon – Marshall McLuhan & John Lennon – New Book: The Beatles and McLuhan: Understanding the Electric Age – 

Second Nature Journal has just posted the very funny Ballad of Marshall McLuhan, which is well-known to McLuhan scholars and students, but not so much by the general public (see ). Immersed as we in the East are in Snowmageddon, I’m re-publishing this to help dispel the winter gloom……….AlexK The Ballad of Marshall Mcluhan from […]

By Thomas MacFarlane In the 1960s, The Beatles would address like no other musical act a radical shift in the cultural mindset of the late twentieth century. Through tools of “electric technology,” this shift encompassed the decline of visual modes of perception and the emergence of a “way-of-knowing” based increasingly on sound. In this respect, the musical […]

Thanks to Mark Stahlman for pointing this out:- One Nation Underground [*Pearls Before Swine*, One Nation Underground, Tom Rapp, 1967] Oh Dear, Miss Morse, I want you, Oh yes, I do, I want you. This may strike you Odd-I-ly But I want you Bodily Don’t blame me dear, Blame McLuhan His media Were your ruin […]

Of course John Lennon knew of McLuhan, followed his work, sought him out in Toronto and was later interviewed by McLuhan. More on that in another posting. JOHN LENNON AND MARSHALL McLUHAN, ECHOES IN THE UNIVERSE By: Jan Feldman It was 30 years ago today, well, 30 years ago December, when the light of two pop […]