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Father Walter J. Ong (1912 – 2003) Professor Thomas Farrell posted the following unpublished letter from Marshall McLuhan to his former student Walter Ong, dated Sept. 3, 1976, to the listserv of the Media Ecology Association on Feb. 11, 2015. The original letter  is in the Walter J. Ong Archive at Saint Louis University. The letter […]

Next year, 2012, is the centenary of the birth of Walter Ong, SJ, distinguished scholar of orality and literacy. Ong was Marshall McLuhan’s one-time student at Saint Louis University (SLU), McLuhan having supervised Ong’s MA thesis on Gerard Manley Hopkins and advised him to study Petrus Ramus for his Harvard PhD dissertation. In this article, […]

MCLUHAN: Before the invention of the phonetic alphabet, man lived in a world where all the senses were balanced and simultaneous, a closed world of tribal depth and resonance, an oral culture structured by a dominant auditory sense of life. The ear, as opposed to the cool and neutral eye, is sensitive, hyperaesthetic and all-inclusive, […]