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Now in print and available from Amazon, B&N, and other online booksellers, an anthology of poetry, poetics, creative writing, and cartoons inspired by  Marshall McLuhan:  The Medium Is The Muse [Channeling Marshall McLuhan] Edited by Lance Strate & Adeena Karasick The cover shows the young college age Marshall McLuhan. It’s from a photograph not previously […]

  The hardcover edition followed the paperback, which was published by Bantam Books: A McLuhanesque turn of the screw. By: Steven Heller | October 18, 2012 Quentin Fiore designed and, with Marshall McLuhan, co-authored The Medium Is the Massage, an icon of the 1960s and required reading for everyone involved in what McLuhan dubbed the “electric age.” McLuhan was a philosopher and […]

On the eve of our Media Ecology Association convention in Toronto, here’s a timely NY Times Sunday Book Review piece addressing a fundamental media ecology concern……..Alex Has the Electronic Image Supplanted the Written Word? JUNE 17, 2014  Each week in Bookends, two writers take on questions about the world of books. Fifty years ago, Marshall […]

Cover of Explorations 3 (August 1954). The short-lived but influential magazine overseen by Edmund Carpenter and Marshall McLuhan (Republished by Permission) By Kevin Plummer In the 1950s, anthropologist Edmund Carpenter, English professor Marshall McLuhan, and others were at the centre of an innovative working group at the University of Toronto investigating modes and media of communication from […]

 Explorations 4 (Feb, 1955) Issue Four (April, 1954) of the tri-annual periodical edited by Edmund Carpenter. Associate editor Marshall McLuhan and others. Contributions by Dorothy Lee, D.C. Williams, Jorge Luis Borges, e.e. Cummings, Joan Rayfield, Marjorie Adix, Millar McLure, Marshall McLuhan, Lawrence K. Frank, Stephen Gilman, Northrop Frye, Walter J. Ong, Edmund Carpenter, Francis Golffing, J. […]

… or, as I call it, The Gutenberg Galaxy Disrupted …  Pages Festival + Conference: Unbound Exploring the Evolving Word to Digital March 13th-15th, 2014  We are in the midst of the greatest transformation in cultural production and dissemination in centuries. The digital age has created a seismic shift, challenging the existing models of creation […]

50 Canadians Who Changed the World Ken McGoogan. HarperCollins Canada, $29.99 (329p) ISBN 978-1-44340-930-8 McGoogan, author of How the Scots Invented Canada, sets out to combat Canadian modesty by highlighting 50 notable Canadians, limiting himself to Canadians born in the 20th century and whose efforts had global impact. To demonstrate the breadth of endeavors, McGoogan […]

EME Editor Paul Grosswiler announces that Explorations in Media Ecology {EME} 12:1&2 (2013) is in the mail to MEA members. EME 12.3&4 (2013), with a special section on Probing the Boundaries of Media Ecology, guest-edited by Rob MacDougall, Peter Zhang and Bob Logan, is ready to be distributed soon. Both issues of EME volume 12 […]

The cover of The Medium is the Massage was re-designed in 2001 by David Carson, creator of End of Print about the end of books. Carson was an innovator of computer-aided design and began with Transworld Skateboarding and surf magazines in California. An experimental 1967 collaboration between the originator of media analysis and a major […]

Two Visuals from the User-Is-Content Blog: On Matrix versus Linear Structure From “McLuhan For Beginners” by Terrence Gordon An Ear for an Eye Marcel Duchamp. Double exposure. Photographer unknown.