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My colleague Robert Blechman quotes on his Model Media Ecologist blog from Paul Levinson’s just published New New Media, 2nd Ed: “But we may already have a glimpse of one of the new new media forms that Twitter is engendering or flipping into. Robert K. Blechman’s Executive Severance (2012), described as a ‘twitstery,’ is a novel written entirely […]

It’s the 100th anniversary of the birth of Northrop Frye, Canada’s most distinguished literary critic, who died in 199 (Fred Phipps photo) Why we should toast Northrop Frye’s 100th birthday Martin Knelman, Entertainment Columnist There will be no parade and no fireworks in Toronto on Saturday to mark the 100th anniversary of Northrop Frye’s birth. […]

  This poem was presented by its author Adeena Karasick at the 13th Annual Media Ecology Convention at Manhattan College in Riverdale, New York last week. Unfortunately the text by itself misses the energy and dynamic quality of its oral presentation by its author, but is well worth reading in its own right……AlexK IN MY BLOGAL VILLAGE, […]

  Nicholas G. Carr :   McLuhan pointed out the initial content of a new medium is the old medium it replaces, and we seem to be in that phase with ebooks—the content of today’s ebooks is print books. What that also means is that we don’t yet know what an ebook really is, because it has […]

Marshall McLuhan at centre & Father Walter Ong to his right, Saint Louis University by Matthew Francis … The origins of a media ecology of hope in the parallelisms of Marshall McLuhan and Walter Ong are telling. Religious commonalities loom large: their personal histories, the use of the Protestant tradition as a foil, and the centrality of both […]

via Jeffrey Schnapp The Electric Information Age Book, by Jeffrey Schnapp (the faculty director of Harvard’s MetaLAB) and Adam Michaels (a cofounder of Project Projects), is the third installment in the “Inventory Books” series, which seeks “to advance the role of design as an integrated force in book editing and production . . . as a means of revitalizing the space […]

JAN 5, 2012 – A new book series attempts to revitalize the printed word with innovative design. Before Kindle and Nook, the mass-market paperback book was the publishing industry’s crown jewel. Convenient and compact, it was the inexpensive alternative to bulky tomes and ripe for avant-garde experimentation. During the 1960s, experimentation is exactly what pioneer book […]

Here’s your chance to buy original editions of works by Marshall McLuhan to augment your collection of some well-known books such as Counterblast, Take Today: The Executive as Dropout, From Cliche to Archetype, Through the Vanishing Point, City as Classroom, and others. There are also early and rare articles and pamphlets, bibliographies, DEW Line card […]

B.W. Powe, These Shadows Remain: A Fable (Guernica Editions, 2011) Book Review by Marshall Soules, PhD A vector of restless vitality flows through the works of B.W. Powe. From the early A Climate Charged (1984) to his recent These Shadows Remain, Powe’s finely-tuned and poetic sensibility is an antenna for the unheard sounds and invisible […]

Jeffrey Schnapp spoke at the recent International McLuhan conference in Toronto. This book will be of interest to anyone interested in new book styles, formats and the arrival of e-books; it covers the Jerome Agel and Quentin Fiore book collaborations with Marshall McLuhan in detail (The Medium is the Massage, War & Peace in the Global […]