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Explorations Cover Designed by Harold Kurchenska & Used Until April 1970 Explorations Cover June 1970 Redesign THE “UNKNOWN” EXPLORATIONS By Gary Genosko Douglas Coupland describes the journal as a “glorious stew of diamonds and rhinestones and Fabergé eggs and merde.” For Coupland, Explorations was McLuhan’s “calling card throughout the world.” It is against this background of heavy valorization […]

This 9-page article is the best account of Ted Carpenter’s life and career that I’ve come across. Please follow the link at the bottom to read the whole thing. There is a bibliography at the end. By Ellen Harold Multifaceted anthropologist Edmund (“Ted”) Snow Carpenter is an ethnologist, archaeologist, filmmaker, and communications theorist. An authority […]

KIRKUS REVIEW of the book, published by Holt, Rinehart & Winston of Canada in 1972 (April 2, 1973) – Carpenter, a one-time Marshall McLuhan associate (the two jointly edited Explorations in Communications, 1960), explores the impact of media, both visual and acoustic, on preliterate peoples — Eskimos and New Guinea tribesmen being among those to […]

Head from Human Doll Figure, with Tattoo Patterning (ca. 500-800) PHOTO: THE EDMUND CARPENTER COLLECTION. By Lance Esplund   –   Oct. 28, 2015   –   Houston The Menil Collection is host to an extraordinary, compact show of small Paleo-Eskimo artifacts. “MicroCosmos: Details From the Carpenter Collection of Arctic Art” comprises about 150 exquisitely carved objects/sculptures […]

My colleague Norm Friesen at Thompson Rivers University in British Columbia has posted the following on his website (link below): In completing a research project looking into McLuhan, media theory and education, I’ve been reading about an early experiment on “certain media biases” and the pedagogical form of the lecture. Download a .pdf of the initial […]

The death earlier this year of Ted Carpenter was previously reported upon. This obituary notice by Harald Prins recently appeared on Anthropology News:- Edmund Snow Carpenter Edmund Snow Carpenter, 88-year old adventurer and pioneer in media studies, died July 1, 2011 on Long Island after a debilitating illness. He began as an archaeologist but was […]

A Marshall McLuhan  C e n t e n a r y   S y m p o s i u m Marshall McLuhan with Fordham’s Father John Culkin, SJ & others (all photos by Conrad Waldinger, 1967) 1. A Recording of Marshall McLuhan teaching a class at Fordham University circa 1967.  (51 minutes) 2. A Recording […]

Thursday, July 7, 2011 Edmund Carpenter 1922-2011  The passing of Edmund Carpenter on July 2nd is a loss for the field of media ecology, for anthropology, and for scholarship is general.  Ted Carpenter’s contributions were not always well acknowledged, but certainly of great significance to us all. It is especially sad that he passed away […]

July 7, 2011 Edmund Carpenter, Archaelogist and Anthropologist, Dies at 88 By WILLIAM GRIMES Edmund Carpenter, an archaeologist and anthropologist who, impatient with traditional boundaries between disciplines, did groundbreaking work in anthropological filmmaking and ethnomusicology and, with his friend Marshall McLuhan, laid the foundations of modern media studies, died on July 1 in Southampton, N.Y. […]

Edmund Carpenter explored the ties between cultural anthropology, visual media, and tribal art for more than 50 years. He wrote many books, including “Two Essays: Chief & Greed” Photo by Fred Gageneau Courtesy of © Rock Foundation, New York A mask from the exhibition, “Upside Down: Arctic Realities,” curated by Edmund Carpenter, at the Menil […]