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Comedy skit with Goldie Hawn & Carl Reiner on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, 1970.                   Marshall McLuhan, watcha doin?   –   By Steve Tarter “Marshall McLuhan, watcha doin?” That was Henry Gibson’s recurring line on “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In” many years ago. [Correction: McLuhan biographer W. Terrence Gordon informs me that the phrase was uttered by Goldie Hawn on […]

This is an excerpt from Professor Malcolm Baird’s lecture  Print v Television: from Baird to McLuhan – the full text of which can be found at . Television, print and McLuhan Television has had a terrific impact over the past 50 years, but print is still the dominant communications medium in most of the important areas of life: […]

The Canadian Advertising Museum (CAM) in partnership with the Advertising & Design Club of Canada, is introducing a new annual award named in honour of famed Canadian media ecologist Dr. Marshall McLuhan. Oct 23, 2012 – TORONTO, October 22, 2012: Canadian Advertising Museum Introduces the Marshall McLuhan Award Winner to be announced at The Advertising & Design […]

In January 1926 John Logie Baird (1888-1946) was the first publicly to demonstrate real television. Other pioneering achievements followed, including the first transatlantic transmission, the first demonstrations of colour television and stereoscopic television, and the first video recordings. In the 1930s he twice televised the Derby, and was the first to demonstrate cinema television, in […]

This seems like an interesting exhibition in Cork, Ireland. But why do they keep misunderstanding what McLuhan meant when he said and wrote “the medium is the message”? Haven’t any of them actually read him? “The medium is the message” seems to have become a kind of textual Rorschach test to project what some artists […]

August 27, 2012  –  Mitt Romney: Too hot for a cool medium?  –  By John Doyle           The GOP presidential wannabe tries too hard on TV, & that never works With less mainstream TV coverage unfolding, it is all the more vital for the candidates to get face time on TV with those 66 per cent of […]

So why does NBC transmit Olympics events in delayed time? What would Marshall McLuhan think of #NBCfail? – Doug Hadden, VP Products I wonder how senior media executives in the 21st Century seemingly ignore the more obvious lessons by the late Marshall McLuhan. McLuhan was often touted as the guru of media in the 1960s, so […]

TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2012 The Newsroom and McLuhan by Paul Levinson (republished by permission) I’ve seen the first four episodes thus far aired of The Newsroom on HBO, and I think it’s the best show on television.I’ve heard some people say that The Newsroom, though good, is not in a league with Aaron Sorkin’s signature television creation, The West […]

On Sep. 26, 1960 Massachusetts Sen. John F. Kennedy squared off against Vice President Richard Nixon in Chicago for the first of four debates between the two. It was also the first televised presidential debate in U.S. history — a fact that proved key to the outcome of the election. *** Is This JFK vs. […]

The Telstar I satellite launched on July 10, 1962, was the first active communications satellite to orbit Earth. (Alcatel Lucent/Associated Press) Fifty years ago, you could have watched the first live TV programs transmitted by satellite. That satellite was Telstar. You could have listened to the first single by a British band to reach No. […]