Invitation to Monday Night Webinar #8 on Facebook or YouTube – Monday, June 15, 8 to 10 PM


PandeMedia and Folklores from the Lockdown Age

Join us for the eighth Monday Night Webinar, Monday JUNE 15, 8:00-10:00 PM EST: PandeMedia and Folklores from the Lockdown Age.

In a playful, relaxed, and experimental online format, a panel of participants will explore the mosaic of the metaphoric global village in light of the current global crisis, as a source of knowledge and inspiration.

Special guests:
Sandra Danilovic, Adam Lauder, Alessandro Colombi, Jean-François Vallée

LINKS to the live stream:

Marshall McLuhan Facebook Group

The McLuhan Institute YouTube Channel:

Biographies of the Guest Speakers

SANDRA DANILOVIC is an Assistant Professor, Game Design and Development, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. She received a PhD in Information Studies from the University of Toronto, an MA in Media Production from Ryerson University, and a BFA in Film and Video Production from York University. Prior to my doctoral training, I was an award-winning documentary filmmaker and multimedia artist with over ten years of professional experience in the creative industries. About her research interests she writes: “The main focus of my humanistic research is personal storytelling through digital game design. I organize game jams and draw on arts-based methods to study the therapeutic processes of game designers making games about mental illness, emotional trauma and disability”… See

ADAM LAUDER is a doctoral student at the University of Toronto. Formerly he was W.P. Scott Chair for Research in e-Librarianship at York University. Lauder has contributed articles to the journals Art Documentation, Future Anterior, The Journal of Canadian Art History, Technoetic Arts, TOPIA and Visual Resources (with Marcia Salmon) as well as features to magazines including Border Crossings, C, Canadian Art and Hunter and Cook. He is the editor of a book published by YYZBOOKS, H& IT ON (2012), and curator of the exhibitions It’s Alive! Bertram Brooker and Vitalism (2009-11) and Imaging Disaster (with Cassandra Getty, 2013).

ALESSANDRO COLOMBI is an italian pedagogue, hypertext historian, technology educator, media ecologist. Associate professor at the Faculty of education of the Free university of Bolzano, enthusiast Mcluhanian and Postmanian, he is humbly but passionately promoting a new declination for Media Ecology called digital ecology, a pre-paradigm for the Media ecology pre-paradigm that should help us on better facing the Maelström, even more on relaunching the role of Me in the academic and public discourse.

is a Professor at Collège de MaisonneuveLettres, arts et histoire de l’art where he teaches literature and communication in the French Department in Montreal. He is interested in issues relating to Renaissance literature (the dialogue genre, utopia, satire…), the history of communications, book history, media ecology and the fate of reading and writing in digital environments. I have co-edited a collection of essays on Renaissance dialogue (PRINTED VOICES: The Renaissance Culture of Dialogue, University of Toronto Press, 2004) and another on comparative literature (TRANSMÉDIATIONS, Presses de l’université de Montréal, 2012). I have also published book chapters and articles in scholarly journals on writers of the Renaissance and the 17th century … as well as on print culture and communication theory (on Marshall McLuhan especially).

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