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Mondo Cane Kama Sutra (installation view) 1984, acrylic on canvas. 10 canvases, 245 x 305 cm each. Image courtesy the Estate of General Idea; © Pierre Antoine, Musée d’art moderne de la Ville de Paris / ARC, 2011. Marshall McLuhan’s high regard for serious artists as what Ezra Pound called “the antennae of the race” due to […]

While certain characters, such as Marshall McLuhan and Northrop Frye, resemble real people, this is a work of fiction “Lennie Boyd entered the scene in a tumultuous decade which he helped create, and it took all he had.” The Devil’s Party: Who Killed the Sixties?   –   By Bob Rodgers “The Devil’s Party is unapologetically a […]

The book will be launched on: November 15, 2015, 6pm-8pm Location: Video Pool Media Arts Centre Production Studios, 300-100 Arthur Street, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA Video Pool Media Arts Centre is proud to present the launch of the book MARSHALL MCLUHAN AND VILEM FLUSSER’S COMMUNICATION AND AESTHETIC THEORIES REVISITED. This scholarly book of academic analyses and […]

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2015  10:00 AM Gather in Hanley Hall, St. Paul’s College (SPC) 10:30 AM Greetings and welcome by conference organizers Howard R. Engel, Director, MMI at St. Paul’s College, Winnipeg, Manitoba & Dr. Read Mercer Schuchardt, Senior Director, IISTC & Associate Professor of Communication, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois. Hanley Hall 10:50 AM Proceed […]

The First Joint Conference: International Institute for the Study of Technology and Christianity (IISTC) & The Marshall McLuhan Initiative McLuhan’s Faith & Works October 18-19, 2015 St. Paul’s College, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, CANADA  Conference Coordinators: Read Mercer Schuchardt ( Wheaton College; Howard R. Engel ( St. Paul’s College St. Paul’s College at the University of Manitoba is […]

Fifty years ago, Tom Wolfe asked this now famous question of Marshall McLuhan: “what if he is right?” Fifty years later, McLuhan’s biographer, Douglas Coupland; his sons, Eric and Michael McLuhan; and sixteen scholars explore in this dynamic collection the many ways in which he was, indeed, right. Engaging with McLuhan’s remarkable legacy and responding […]

McLuhan’s Faith and Works October 18–19, 2015 St. Paul’s College, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, CANADA Keynote speakers: Dr. Eric McLuhan and Andrew McLuhan Conference Coordinators: Read Mercer Schuchardt ( Wheaton College Howard R. Engel ( St. Paul’s College St. Paul’s College at the University of Manitoba is delighted to host the First Joint Conference of […]

St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto, one of the two leading centers of Aristotelian-Thomistic philosophy in North America; the other is Saint Louis University. McLuhan taught at both. The contextualizing of the title here specifically relates to religious context, specifically Roman Catholic in Marshall McLuhan’s case, although he was born to a Baptist mother […]

Appreciating Marshall McLuhan Putting the spotlight on the influential media theorist and University of Manitoba alum By Tom Ingram   –   November 24, 2014 In its hundred-year history, the Manitoban has been the first step on the way to a professional career for numerous writers. But there is one who leaves them all behind, whose association […]

The Manitoban is the student newspaper of the University of Manitoba where Marshall McLuhan earned B.A. (1932) and M.A (1934) degrees in English. The newspaper celebrated its centenary this past Wednesday, November 5. Marshall McLuhan, a student of English at the University of Manitoba during the early 1930s published his earliest essays in The Manitoban between […]