New Book Announcement: McLuhan – Social Media Between Faith & Culture


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The book’s cover art

Editor: Domenico Pietropaolo, Principal, St. Michael’s College

Co-editor: Robert K. Logan, Fellow, St. Michael’s College

Marshall McLuhan, who spent most of his career at St. Michael’s College, from 1946 to his untimely passing in 1980, revolutionized our thinking about media, communications and the impact of technology on the human mind. He was also a deeply religious man, totally committed to his faith. The essays in this collection explore the relationship between faith and media in McLuhan’s thinking. They are based on the presentations made at the two-day international conference held on September 21 and 22, 2012, at the University of St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto, where the McLuhan legacy lives on through the Book and Media Studies program (see ).

For the Marshall McLuhan: Social Media Between Faith & Culture Conference (2012) see

The Book’s Table of Contents

Preface  –  Domenico Pietropaulo and Robert K. Logan

McLuhan: Social Media Between Faith & Culture Conference Programme

St. John Fisher College and Marshall McLuhan  –  Timothy Madigan

Spiritual Symmetries: Blake and McLuhan – Tim Buell

Semiotics of Simultaneity: Religious Reflections in McLuhan’s Mass (Age) – Pouneh Saeedi

The Trials of Susanna Told Through Tetrads – Ruthanne Wrobel

 ‘In the beginning was the Pun’. McLuhan, Derrida, Brisset: McLuhan’s Word-play as Faith-in-practice” – Peter W. Nesselroth

Loving The Lord With Your Whole Mind: Reflections on Theology, Church History, Neuroscience & Media Ecology – Michael Giobbe

Passion and Precision: The Faith of Marshall McLuhan – Derrick de Kerckhove

When New Technologies are Old: Re-Thinking about Electric Communi(on)cation in the Age of Social Media – Elena Lamberti

Marshall McLuhan’s Catholicism and catholicism Thomas Cooper

Comparing the Realism of  Etienne Gilson and Marshall McLuhan – Rev. A. Leo Reilly

McLuhan as Mystic: The Role of the Artist  – Dan Browne

A Return to Magic: The (Go) Spell of Technology in Marshall McLuhan’s Thought – Paolo Granata

Physics and McLuhan’s Theology of Information – Malcolm Dean

McLuhan as Pedagogy: Waking up Narcissus – Jenna Sunkenberg

The St. Michael’s College Course Religion, Media and Culture – John Pungente, SJ

Did McLuhan’s Deeply Held Roman Catholic Convictions Bias His Scholarship? – Robert K. Logan

The book can be purchased from and, and is distributed by the University of Toronto Press Distribution Centre. It can also be ordered directly from the publisher Legas Publishing .

© 2015 Legas Publishing, New York, Ottawa, Toronto  –  ISBN 978-1-897493-51-9

Number 61 in the Language, Media & Education Studies Series, Center for Communication & Information Sciences

 St. Basil’s Church, the college parish

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